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Geeni App: We have seen many smart devices such as lights, TVs, fans, curtains, refrigerators, and so many other things in this modern world, all of which work via various methods, be it a remote or any other access point. And when it comes to Geeni devices, we have an app for you that will allow you to control your Geeni devices from anywhere.

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The programme we’re referring to is called the Geeni App For PC, and it’s a very brilliant one that anybody can find on the Google Play store. With the help of this app, users can effortlessly toggle their intelligent devices at home, and all they need is the Geeni app.

With only this one app, you can turn off anything that runs in your home with the touch of a button. It is also really easy to use, and the capabilities it offers are undoubtedly impressive. The functions of this app are so many that it is difficult to describe them all in words. This software is cutting-edge and unquestionably something that the younger generation needs greatly.


About Geeni App

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Geeni is a smart home device controller app that Merkury Innovations created and released. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store currently have over 10 million downloads of this app combined. As there is currently no official version of this software on the Windows or Mac store, an android emulator is required in order to utilise the Geeni App on a computer.

I’ll discuss a total of two ways to install this programme on our Windows and Mac machines later in this article. You can manage all of your Geeni-enabled smart devices with this app on your smartphone. This app is really easy to use, and you can manage it with Amazon Echo from anywhere you are. All devices that support Geeni may be controlled from one app when using the Geeni PC App.

You may also give your family members access to this app and some limited management over all of the smart gadgets. The issue with this software right now is that there isn’t an official version designed for PC users. Since this software is only currently accessible for Android and iOS users, an Android or iOS emulator is required to utilise the Geeni App on a computer.


The Functionality of Geeni

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Geeni can aid you with issuing orders because to its user-friendly interface and speech recognition. Your lights may be set to a colour mode, dimmed white lights, or turned off when you leave the room. You may monitor the security cameras on this Geeni app to see what your kids are doing at home while you are at work.

Geeni App has premium characteristics like

Each gadget is strong and simple to control. Pick the ideal hue or mood from our Color bulbs. From the same app, you can track a plug’s energy use and dim a white light.
group gadgets and manage them by space
Create clever scenarios for automatic actions.
To give you additional control and security, schedule when gadgets switch on and off.
Using account sharing, you can control which devices your family, friends, and visitors may use.
Cloud-based services enable you to access and manage your house from any phone, among other things.


Features of the Geeni

Geeni is user-friendly and blends the SIMPLICITY of an on/off switch with PREMIUM features such as:

All Geeni-enabled smart gadgets are compatible. There is no need for a sophisticated hub because each Geeni gadget is smart enough to connect straight to your home wifi network.


Pros & Cons of Geeni




FAQs of Geeni

How can I install Geeni App for PC?

You need an emulator to install this programme on your computer. Install the emulator on your computer first, and then install this software on it. In this post, the entire installation process is covered.

What hardware supports the Geeni app for PC?

With this app, you can arrange the timing of the app as well as regulate the lighting of lamps. Additionally, it supports Amazon Echo, making that a perk.

Geeni smart scenes: what are they on Geeni App for Windows?

You may set the lights to automatically blink in all hues using these clever scenarios. The Geeni for PC software has everything you need for this.

Does Geeni App for Windows work on Windows PCs?

No, this software does not have an official Windows Store app, however we may use the BlueStacks android emulator to utilise it.

Is Geeni unbound?

Yes, this programme is totally free, but in order to use it, you must use a product made by the same firm.

How do I attach my Geeni camera to my computer?

The procedure is straightforward: first, download this programme onto your Android emulator, then link it to your camera just like you would with a mobile app.

How do I include my family in my Geeni?

You may share your device with any member of your family using the device sharing option on your profile.


Conclusion on geeni App

This is how we may access the Geeni App on our Windows computer by downloading the Geeni App For PC. While attempting to connect this app to your items, it’s probable that you will experience some difficulties. However, there are several tutorials on how to link the Geeni app, so don’t worry. using your smart home goods.


User Reviews of Geeni


The playback tool may offer Fast Forward, Rewind, and the option to hold and move to a specified period, but none of my other applications have. I like the light bulb, but if you turn it off manually, you have to reinstall it, which is inconvenient, but I HATE the desktop scan feature. Let us open an account and improve on that interface. This is a 4/5 since it is an app for people. For a camera that costs $30.00. Expectations must be reasonable. Geeni, you’re doing fantastic!


I bought a Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera. Many amazing features include the ability to move the camera in any direction using your phone, motion detection with configurable sensitivity, and remotely speaking from your phone through the camera (my cat is confused by this feature). The most significant disadvantage is that you cannot replay a clip unless you have an SD card. You can only watch in real time or be shown little screenshots if you don’t have one. The app might use some improvement, but for about $40, this camera is a value.


It appeals to me much. I like that they are reasonably priced and simply connected to Wi-Fi. The only thing I would modify is the procedure of setting it up to record without paying for or using the service provided by the company. It’s a lovely little loophole if you put it up as a task and it captures footage for you. I’m still not sure how it works. So, if feasible, it might be dumbed down a little. But I’m sure I worked it out. Can I attach a blink camera to an app to view and my gadgets in the same place?


Geeni is a great low-cost alternative to more pricey security cameras. They’re all over my place. Geeni also allows you to manage lights, media, and anything else that is connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is quite simple to set up. You carry your security with you, and your display is your phone or tablet. Simply log in and you’ll have complete power at your fingertips. It is extremely safe. Nobody can just hack into it. You can, however, share access if you like. I would strongly suggest it, having used it for four years.