Can You Use Geeni On Pc

How to Use Geeni on Your PC

Can You Us Geeni On Pc

Officially, there isn't a Geeni app available for PC, but you can still use Geeni on your computer through several alternative methods:

  1. Android Emulator: Employ an Android emulator software like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, or LDPlayer. After setting up the emulator, access the Google Play Store within it, download the Geeni app, and install it as you would on an Android device. This approach allows you to control all your Geeni devices.
  2. Web Browser: Some Geeni devices can be managed via a web browser. You'll need to locate the IP address of the specific device and input it into your browser's address bar. Once connected, log in with your Geeni account to control the device. This method is suitable for controlling individual devices.
  3. Third-Party Apps: There are a few third-party applications, such as the Geeni Surveillance App, designed for controlling Geeni surveillance cameras on your PC. If your needs are limited to monitoring and controlling specific devices like cameras, this option is useful.

Tips for using Geeni on your PC:

It's important to note that Geeni does not officially support PC usage, so you might encounter occasional problems or limitations. Nevertheless, these methods should allow you to use Geeni on your PC without significant issues.