How To Change WiFi on Geeni App

Change WiFi on Geeni App With Ease Now

change wifi geeni app

Stay Connected Easily with Geeni App’s Ability to Switch Wi-Fi Networks

The Geeni app offers consumers a simple and practical method to control their smart devices, including the ability to switch the Wi-Fi network to which they are connected. Update the Wi-Fi settings in the Geeni app to make sure that your devices stay connected and operational, regardless of whether you’ve updated your home network or moved your gadgets. A step-by-step tutorial for changing the Wi-Fi network on the Geeni app is provided below:

Step by Step Method to Change WiFi on Geeni App

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Step 1: Open the Geeni app

Open the Geeni app on your tablet or smartphone. You will need access to your linked devices, so make sure you are logged into your Geeni account.

Step 2: Access the device settings 

To change the Wi-Fi network for a device, go to it. To access the device’s settings, tap on it.

Step 3: Enter device settings

Look for a Wi-Fi or network settings option in the device’s settings. This could have the name “Wi-Fi Settings” or a title that sounds similar.

Step 4: start the Wi-Fi change

You may choose to modify the Wi-Fi network to which the device is linked under the Wi-Fi settings section. The name of this option can be “Update Network” or “Change Wi-Fi Network.”

Step 5: Choose a new Wi-Fi network 

Select “Change Wi-Fi Network” by tapping it. The app will ask you to choose a new Wi-Fi network from a list of nearby networks that are currently active.

Step 6: Enter Brand-New Wi-Fi Passwords

The app will ask you to input the new network’s credentials when you choose your new Wi-Fi network from the list. The Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password are included in this.

Step 7: Verify Modifications

After entering the new Wi-Fi credentials, double-check the data to make sure it is correct. Verify the modifications after that.

Step 8: Attend to setup

The process of switching the Wi-Fi network for the chosen device will be started by the Geeni app. It could take a little while. Make that the device is turned on and in the new Wi-Fi network’s coverage area.

Step 9: Successful Connection 

You’ll get a notice or confirmation message in the Geeni app after the device successfully connects to the new Wi-Fi network. Now that the Wi-Fi network has been upgraded, your device is connected.